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Next CyberSAFE class is Discounted!

Send me a text using the Messaging app and I'll send you the Insiders Discount for the next CyberSAFE class on Friday Aug 21, 3-7pm PST.

How would you like to become a CyberSAFE consultant? Work from home at your own pace and setup Zoom appointments with your clients.

Learn and then teach clients how to:

1) Install AntiVirus and AntiMalware on your computer, tablet and phone

2) Backup phones and computers

3) Avoid Sextortion, Phishing attacks and malicious MMS text messages

4) Use the Layered Defense Strategy for your home computers

5) Detect malicious websites and files quickly

Become a CyberSAFE consultant and learn from one of the foremost cyber awareness evangelists how to start and operate your own business from home!

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