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Cybersecurity Awareness Education - Topic Antivirus

You ever wonder what's the best antivirus software?

Depends on what type of computer you have. Mac? PC? Windows 10 or still running Windows 7 (or Windows 98? Don't laugh there are still some of these around:)

Did you know you can have a layered Defense Strategy to help keep your computer running as clean as possible?

Would you like to have a tutorial on Antivirus and how you can install trial software for a year and then decide which antivirus you like the best?

You can start off with Get the free version and see how you like it.

Then try and . Those are my old standbys.

Get familiar with installing these and running scans, removing spyware and malware and you will be on your way to a career as a CyberSAFE consultant!

Want to get certified?

Visit and drop me a note.

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